Jungle on the balcony

Big ideas for small spaces

Is everything in the city grey in grey? Hardly! In a few easy steps you can turn a city balcony into a green oasis. LECHUZA planters let you plant flowers, herbs, vegetables and more even in the smallest of spaces.
Up to six plants can fit in the miracle space saver CASCADINO Color, for example - putting you on your way to the urban jungle!

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Yum, yum! Your very own orchard

Delicious fruits on the balcony

The irrigation system provides your homegrown fruit and vegetables with all of the water and nutrients they need even when its hot - for juicy strawberries, delectable raspberries or savoury tomatoes any time. The fruit and veg bar is open!


Conjure up your own homemade drink:
Squeeze the juice of four lemons, combine with a handful of fruit, 50 g (4 tablespoons) of sugar and a pinch of salt, add cold water and pour into a glass filled with ice cubes and you’re done!

Perfect partners

Simple system for fast, truly amazing planters

BALCONISSIMA Color and CUBE Color complement each other perfectly - and the wick system transforms any balcony into a green oasis in just a few quick steps. Simply insert the supplied wick into your store-bought grow pots. In an instant your herbs and flowering plants receive all of the water and nutrients they need for optimal growth - all without planting!

Special offer
Special offer

Gardening has never been so simple

Always green, healthy and abundant: Urban gardening is sure to be a success with the intelligent irrigation system from LECHUZA! Even on days when the sun shines brighter - your plants always receive just the right amount of water they need for optimal growth.


Stylish and urban

Clear lines, a simple design and neutral colors - it’s easy to create an urban look on big city balconies. Large designer planters like the spherical LECHUZA-PURO 50 are sure to attract everyone’s attention. And they make your balcony stylish and green.

Celebrate summer with friends

The wishing table - with green table decorations

LECHUZA table planters like the CUBE Color 14 will help you set the table in a flash! And thanks to the wick system, you won’t waste any time on planting.
By the way: These cute little cubes are also great gifts for guests at the end of a wonderful evening...

Take the Urban Gardening products home with you:

Romantic garden

Green paradise for hot summer days

Transform your garden into an oasis - the light LECHUZA planters can be transported quickly and easily. RUSTICO Color features a Mediterranean style that presents lemon trees or colourful hibiscus in just the right light. Now pull out your lounge chair, pour a glass of cool lemonade and enjoy a perfect summer afternoon.

A sea of flowers in the city

How to enjoy fragrant summer days

The more the better: especially when it comes to summer flowers. The chic CANTO Color features a modern natural stone look to lend flair to any space, whether as a column or cube planter - and it has plenty of room for flowering plants.

Quick solution: Thanks to the wick system integrated in the YULA plant bag and the YULA planter, planting is no longer necessary. Place store-bought flowers directly in the planter, done - now you have more time to relax and unwind...