LECHUZA Balcony brackets white (2 pcs)

suitable for mounting on railings (incl. 2 x belt strap) or on walls
Item No. 19030

LECHUZA Balcony brackets white (2 pcs)

suitable for mounting on railings (incl. 2 x belt strap) or on walls
Item No. 19030
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With the LECHUZA balcony brackets, you can easily mount your BALCONERA planters on your balcony railing or on a wall. Thanks to its intelligent design, the balcony brackets are obscured by the front part of the BALCONERA planter and is thus completely inconspicuous to the observer from the front. The adjusting screws of the balcony brackets also enable optimum alignment on the balcony railing.

The pairs of brackets are approved for planters with a maximum total weight of 25 kg and are suitable for mounting on the wall as well as on a balcony railing with a maximum circumference of up to 32 cm. If the circumference of your balcony railing is larger than 32 cm, we recommend the separately available webbing straps for railings up to 64 cm circumference (art. no. 19040).

Please observe the assembly instructions and read the safety instructions carefully before assembly. Included in the package are: Two balcony brackets incl. one strap each in the matching colour. Suitable for BALCONERA 50 and 80.

The LECHUZA balcony brackets extension is available separately (art. no. 11114), which is particularly suitable for balcony railings with wide spacing between the bars. It prevents the brackets from slipping and stabilises your balcony boxes vertically on the railing.
Product information

LECHUZA balcony brackets

  • easy installation, sturdy support
  • compatible with BALCONERA 50 and 80
  • suitable for mounting on round and angled railings with a circumference up to 32 cm
  • soft textile straps prevent scratching of railings
  • can carry up to 25 kg
  • suitable for mounting on walls
  • With the adjustable screws, you can position BALCONERA so that it's level with your railing
  • The brackets are invisible from the front

Available Accessories: LECHUZA extension for balcony brackets

  • a supplement for railings, ensuring compatibility regardless of spindle spacing
  • securely and perfectly fits every railing
  • compatible with BALCONERA 50 and 80