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It's time to get dusting

Let a breath of fresh air into your home

Enough of that gingerbread smell and "Ho, ho, ho!" - the moment the Christmas tree and decorations are put away, you can already feel the first tendrils of spring. Your indoor home garden deserves love, care and attention during the winter break. Useful plant and care tips are just waiting for you to put them into practice.

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A better room climate with plants

At home in the fresh air

Green plants are real wellbeing wonders! Along with their generally positive effect on people's moods, these natural little guys also work as the green lungs of your home. As biological air purifiers that supply fresh oxygen to internal rooms, their natural aesthetic also creates a pleasant and invigorating atmosphere. So it's no wonder that so many people simply feel better when there are plants in the room: The bright green stands for freshness, health and naturalness. Bring a healthy indoor climate to your home too - with green plants and premium pots from LECHUZA!

Green plants are real wellbeing wonders
A better room climate with LECHUZA Quadro
Come on we are repotting

A freshness makeover for your plants

Come on, we're repotting

To make sure your plants can grow strong, they need to be moved into a new home from time to time. The crucial thing here is the size of the root ball: If this is too big, you'll need a new pot so that the plant can soak up lots of new energy again. Since plant growth is especially active in spring, this is the best time for repotting. It's best if you also take this opportunity to clear the leaves of dust brought by warm air. This not only makes your plants look more attractive, but also means they can soak up more energy via the leaves.

Care tips for the winter

The power is in the rest

In winter, blooming plants in particular need time to rest so they can gather renewed strength. The best place to put your plants is in a cooler location such as a conservatory or staircase.

You should water regularly and generously to ensure the soil doesn't dry out. You should generally use fertiliser sparingly during the winter months.

Your houseplants feel great here: