LECHUZA Pflanzgefäße MADE IN GERMANY LECHUZA planters and furniture are manufactured and painted at our environmentally-certified production site in Dietenhofen, Germany, to the highest production standards.
Spring ideas with LECHUZA
LECHUZA furniture with comfort and style
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Experience all Cottage planters & garden furniture virtually, at home

New in spring 2016:
Experience all Cottage planters & garden furniture virtually, at home


Use this app to virtually place our products anywhere so you can see how they will look at home before you buy them.

It’s this easy:
Install app
Install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
Download on the App Store Get in on Google Play
Place this catalogue or marker on the spot where you want to see the planter.
The app shows you the selected product in the display.
Change setting
Use the options to change the shape, size or color and quickly see which planter you like best.
LECHUZA App Offline/Recording Mode
The LECHUZA-App helps you decide, which planter fits you and your home. Not sure? Have the comparison mode show two planters in your room or take a picture in the Offline/Recording Mode and share it with your friends.
LECHUZA App Furniture
LECHUZA App comparison mode